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Factory Direct Rainwater Tanks

Australian owned and made since 1972, Tankworld have been supplying tough and reliable rainwater tanks all over Australia, direct from the Factory for over 40 years. From the lower regions of Tasmania to the top tips of Queensland, across South Australia and all over New South Wales and Victoria, you would be hard pressed to have not seen a Tankworld tank. Buying direct from the manufacturer means you can save on your new rainwater tank, and with Tankworld, the process is simple. Simply head to our online shop, contact us on 1800 68 69 70 or send us a message on our contact us page, and we’ll be in touch to help with your enquiry. When buying a new rainwater tank, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve purchased a quality-endorsed product that comes direct from the factory door.

Quality Endorsed

When you want a new rainwater tank, buying direct with savings from the manufacturer is one thing, but knowing that your new rainwater tank will serve you faithfully with fresh, clean water for years to come is a major factor too.

Tankworld is an Australian recognised Quality Endorsed company (ISO 9001:200) meaning you can sleep easy with the knowledge that your new rainwater tank is made to the highest of standards. Don’t be fooled by fast-talking sales people that say a ‘tank is a tank’; make sure you ask for a recognised Quality endorsed manufactured rainwater tank.